Technology Behind snapshot dna

  • Conception to perfection

    Genuine image taken with Snapshot DNA
  • Conception to Deception

    Altered photo disproven with Snapshot DNA

The technology behind snapshot dna

Snapshot DNA was founded based on a need to take a digital photograph and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was Genuine and unaltered. We continued our exploration into photo validation and discovered that individuals, organizations, and businesses could benefit from having this type of technology at their fingertips. Our research concluded that the marketplace did not offer both a simple and cost effective digital photograph validation service to which a photograph could be taken and then hours, months, or even years later be proven as unaltered, and in fact, "Genuine".

In this new digital age, we realize that photographs can be altered in significant ways by the simple click of the mouse, therefore, misrepresenting the image taken. This misrepresentation may seem cute, harmless, or even humorous in certain circumstances, but in others, it can be considered fraud. The intentional, malicious misrepresentation of a photo can cause catastrophic effects to an individual, as well as a corporation or organization, causing financial hardship, a loss of personal integrity, professional status, or social standing.

In order to proactively counter this from occurring, the simple answer is Snapshot DNA. To prove or disprove the validity of a photo is paramount in the process of protecting an organization or an individual's integrity. Capturing the truth through the lens of a camera and maintaining that proof for an indefinite period of time is why we developed Snapshot DNA technology.