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App can function on smartphones, tablets or smartcameras

GPS Accuracy Indicator

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Customized data

This includes: GPS coding, Longitude & Latitude, Date & Time, Personal ID information and more! Smartphone or smart-camera manufacturer, model #, software version, Snapshot DNA watermarks, proprietary V-Code... also labeling and cataloging of photos into specific groups can be placed on photo.

Customize data on your phone

Your photo can be validated as just a photo or we can put customized information on the photo. In addition to the photo, you can choose to imprint any of the information below onto your photo, and it becomes part of the photo. As a result, that information cannot be altered either. For example, if you choose to imprint the date and time (for security purposes, Snapshot DNA uses an outside time server) on your photo, that information becomes part of your photo, and if altered, the photo will not validate as "Genuine". This applies to any of the information below that you may choose to imprint onto your photo.

The following information can be placed on your photo:

  • 1 Date & Time from trusted outside time server
  • 2 GPS Accuracy, Longitude & Latitude
  • 3 Optional Address; reverse geo-coding from GPS
  • 4 Snapshot DNA watermarks
  • 5 Phone manufacturer, model #, and software version
  • 6 Proprietary Code protecting entire image

The photo taken with the Snapshot DNA smartphone & smartcamera app can stand alone, without adding any additional data, and be authenticated as "Genuine", or it can be imprinted with information to verify where the photo was taken (GPS coordinates), date, and time. This outside information, when imprinted on the photo, becomes part of the photo, thus verifying the place, date, and time that the photo was taken. When combined with Snapshot DNA technology, this information converts into a vital part of the photo, providing proof that the picture was taken at that particular location, date, and time. The Snapshot DNA photo becomes an actual, physical piece of digital evidence that is as "Genuine" as the date and time it was taken.