about snapshot dna

about snapshot dna fraud Elimination from its conception

With the proliferation and ease of altering photographs in today's digital world, and so much at stake financially and ethically, Snapshot DNA's genesis was formed. The absolute need to prove and verify that a photo was taken of a particular image or scene and the photo could be proven; not to be altered or changed in any way was the achieved objective. The verification of a photo can be carried out seconds after a photo is taken, or years. The digital photo is literally sealed for time immemorial.

  • Conception to perfection

    Genuine image taken with Snapshot DNA
  • Conception to Deception

    Altered photo disproven with Snapshot DNA

The collaboration that took place in the development of Snapshot DNA is the key to its strength. The coming together of decades of Federal, County, and Municipal Criminal Justice expertise coupled with a think tank of analytical computer code writing experience created a unique alliance of "real world" need based software logic. This combination produced an approach to digital photo creation and verification that the industry has not seen, until now.

it's important to mention that not only can the photo not be altered in any way, but the customized information that is imprinted on the photo cannot be altered either. They are one in the same.

We look forward to providing fraud prevention software for photos within your organization that will ensure that the truth is protected.